‹ Collection, Treatment, exploitation and statistical analysis of the data;

‹ Economics
  • Advanced Microeconomics
  • Advanced Macroeconomics
  • Macroeconomic Modelisation (with Eviews and Excel)
  • Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) Models and Social Account Matrix
  • Economics and Development Strategies
  • Financial and banking Economics
‹ Accounting and management
  • Accounting of firms and management
  • National Accounting
‹ Statistics et Econometrics
  • Theory of tests and estimation
  • Datas analysis
  • Conception of survey
  • Econometrics (time serie, categorial variables, panel data l…)
  • Non paramétric Statistics
  • Bayesian Statistics
‹ Computer literacy
  • Operating System : Windows ; Linux
  • Office : Microsoft office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher…), Open office, Latex, Scientific workplace
  • Database : ACCESS, MySQL
  • Poverty analysis : DAD
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of  project : MSproject
  • Statistics, Survey and Econometrics : CSPRO, SPSS, SPAD, EVIEWS, R, STATA, RATS, GAUSS, SAS, GAMS, EPI-INFO, EPI DATA, GENSTAT
  • Programming : Pascal, C++, Visual Basic, Visual Basic Application, HTML, Matlab

‹ Others

  • Interest center : Internet, Cinema, Reading, football
  • Associative life :
2008-2009 : Treasurer of « Amicale des Anciens et Nouveaux Etudiants et Stagiaires Béninois du Cameroun (AMANES-BENCAM) »
2007-2008 : Treasurer of student comity of ISSEA
Capacity to work under a minimum of supervision and in a multi-cultural and multidisciplinary  environment innovative and able to take initiatives Good capacity of communication and  adaptation to changes